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After over 5 years of development in this dynamic changing cell phone industry, REWA currently has business presence in more than 60 countries worldwide with nearly 100,000 clients. We deeply understand the importance of the logistics supply of parts and services for repairing and refurbishing business. Therefore, we are striving to provide the top-level solutions to different customers including the Whole Salers & Distributors, Refurbishing Factories, Repair Facilities and Online Resellers.



OEM Customized Solution


REWA has enough capability and experience in making molds and custom tooling for cell phone parts which are out of stock or shortage in currently market, and we can also make all kinds of the parts according to our clients' special requirements.REWA has the reliable OEM factories and professional team to participate

in the parts producing procedure including the functional localization, the structure determination, the mold manufacturing, the mold inspection, the mold confirmation and the volume production.For now, REWA is able to make Glass Lenses, Digitizers, Housings or Covers, Flex Cable Ribbons, Batteries, etc.




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The strict criteria for quality and quantity-driven are the most important strategies for the refurbishing factories. For the large procurement volume, the huge demand repair parts are fully monitored to ensure the normal operations of clients’ production lines. Besides, to help our clients to enhance productivity and conduct quality control, we also provide the advanced refurbishing machine, practical tools and latest refurbishing technology. REWA has enough capability to refurbish various parts such as the screens and housings. We currently have the mature business in refurbishing the parts of the Apple, Samsung and HTC.





 Solutions for Recycling



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Solutions for Wholesaler & Distributor


 Integrating global consumer electronic supply chain resources, REWA could supply not only the corresponding levels of specifications and qualities of repair parts for different regional markets, but also the customized packaging which meets the client’ s requirements as well as other excellent services consisting of the products’ information consultation, products’ pictures supply, etc.




Solutions for Repair Center


For many repair facilities’ requirements of the wider category, REWA tries all efforts to expand the product line with the great after-sale service so that our clients can find all of their wanted items. Besides, REWA also provides the professional tutorial services including both the video tutorials and article tutorials.





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