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  Who We Are  
REWA is a professional sourcing and recycling solutions provider for mobile phone repair and refurbishment based in HongKong. We were found in 2008
starting with PDA parts before fully engaged in smartphone territory by following the trends of the GSM evolvement and transformation. We are committed
to provide an one-stop sourcing and recycling service with a wide range inventory covering from LCD displays, glass lens, digitizers, housings, flex cables,
  batteries, chargers to repair tools and refurbishing equipments.  
  How We Do  
REWA represents a global network of mobile phone aftermarket industry from OEM manufacturers, third-party suppliers to reverse logistics facilities,
repair and recycling businesses. Our value is to provide a professional, reliable and efficient information and products exchange services. To reach the
high expectation of our customers and partners, we are establishing a global operation supported by 3 regional offices based in USA, UK and China as
well as a win-win agent program - One City One Partner. Our team strives to provide top-level services by keeping every link from upstream sources,
  QC standards, stock inventories, logistics and after-sales services under our close control.  
  What We Want  
Our mission is "Maximize the Value of Mobile Phone" around the globe. Because the rapid changed mobile industry has resulted in a fast-growing
surplus of electronic waste in every corner of the world. This deteriorating situation deserves more attention from every government, NGO,
human-being as well as enterprise citizens like us. To be a responsible player in this repair, resell, reuse and refurbishing industry, REWA hold
the belief that all the values of each mobile device should be fully explored before end up with landfill. Let's join together to make a greener planet !
    Company Culture    
Be A Global Leading One-Stop Sourcing & Recycling Solution Provider
Maximize the value of mobile phone.
Optimism, Give First, Fight for Excellent.
Always focusing on providing professional, processed and localized services to create values for customers.
    Road Map    
    What We Do    
  Mobile Phone   Mobile Phone   Recycling and  
Spare Parts Sourcing Solution Refurbishment Solution Value Recovery Solution
● Big Inventory ● Professional Tutorial ● High Efficiency
● Competitive Price ● Proved Mature Solutions ● Reliable Service
● 100% Satisfied Warranty ● Online Engineer Support ● Clear Test Report
● Clear Quality Classification ● Complete Quality Materials ● Reasonable Quotation
    Localized Operation    
No Matter Where You Are, You Can Always Have Our Timely Local Support!
As an enterprise citizen, it's our responsibility to put environment-friendly and charity into our business DNA.
That's how we set up "REWA Green Fund" at the end of 2015.
We will take certain percentage of our profit each year to sponsor social activities related to environment protection,
education, family care etc. Your trust of REWA is definitely another support for this fund.
REWA Green Fund team visited the World E-Waste
Distributing Centre- Gui Yu again, and donated a
certain amount of funds to help local medical care,
for which caused by heavy metal pollution.
At the end of 2015, REWA Green Fund has contacted with an impoverished primary school in Datong, Shanxi, China to carry out a
book donation activity which aimed to help those children who are trapped in the poverty. Batches of books and
stationery were purchased and mailed to this school. We believe there are still more we can do; REWA will
keep moving on charity together with our customers.


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