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Recycling Solution


Contact us for the latest price list of recycle.
Once confirmed the price, we will help you deal with the process of test, package and logistics.
( Providing the test guide, package guide, packing list with our Ref NO.
and Hong Kong shipping address. )
You should provide our sales with e-packing list,
packing pictures and tracking number after shipment.
When the items arrived in Hong Kong,
REWA's QC Stuff will take a preliminary visual inspection.
The relevant sales will claim the package and check the quantity and model once received them.
After that, our recycling staff will test the screens and make a test report normally in 1~3 days.
The test report and order details will be sent to you for your confirmation.
If you have any query or disagree with our report,
we will send all the screens back to you free of shipping;
if not, we will complete the payment to your designated account through TT or Paypal.
       After the recyle order closed, we will keep the rest of your worthless screens for only one week, after a week, we will abandon them.
If you want us to return the worthless screens, we can send it back but do not carry the shipping cost.

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