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This upgraded v2.0 solution for mobile phone LCD refurbishment has inherited the successful operational experience of our varies customers and we believe the reverse logistics work of broken mobile phone screens can be done more effectively with our new machine portfolios. Based on the different level demands from repair shops to carrier level refurbishing factories, we released THREE independent solutions: Primary, Economical and Professional which covering the complete processes of broken screen recovery. To offer an hassle-free one-stop services, we have prepared detailed demo videos, on-site training, online technical support as well as a full list of qualified parts and materials.
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Primary Solution
Machines : 4 pieces
Features : Low cost
Application : Individual workshop
Output : 40 pieces / day
Economical Solution
Machines : 8 pieces
Features : High cost-performance
Application : Small factory
Output : 120 pieces / day
Professional Solution
Machines : 13 pieces
Features : High efficiency
Application : Mass production factory
Output : 500 pieces / day
 Tips: Number of pump and compressor are included.
Primary Solution
This primary solution is relatively low in cost and occupies just a little room, is ideally suited for small workshops. It includes a 5 in 1 Vacuum Pump Built-in Separator, a Manual OCA/POL Film Laminator and a 4 in 1 Vacuum LCD Laminator and Bubble Remover, very suitable for clients who are trying to enter this market for the first time.
Economical Solution
The economical solution is the updated version of the basic one, which is designed for small factories. As a transition solution, it makes up for the low efficiency and productivity in the former solution with a total of 8 machines.
Professional Solution
The professional solution is mainly for mass production factory to implement processed operation. 13 special machines are employed to ensure that each procedure is done very much seriously, guaranteeing good stability and high productivity.


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