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Which is the most cost-effective China made iPhone 6 LCD?
Not too long ago, REWA has analyzed the JDF and LT China made iPhone 6 LCDs.
After several months development, how is the situation now ?
We have tested 3 mainstream China made iPhone 6 LCDs JDF, TM and SC to make a comparison.
    ● JDF, TM and SC LCDs have no differences with the OEM in       ● Button hole alignment. There are no obvious differences    
    appearance.       between OEM, JDF, TM and SC.    
    ● No deformation, breakage, looseness,       ● LCD back plate matching. There are no obvious     ● Bezel matching. All these three China    
    degumming       differences between OEM, JDF, TM and SC.       made LCDs can be matched perfectly.    
    ● After installed, all these three China made LCD have a small gap between the LCD and Body, especially SC.    
● JDF, TM and SC are different in flex cable texture.
● Compared with In-cell structure of OEM LCD, JDF,
   TM and SC use G+G touch screen display
   technology, which causes their overall thickness
   greater than the OEM one.
    ● Touch testing by moving in all directions. JDF, TM and SC have no problems on touch function.    
    ● LCD display testing by pure gray, white and black. Some JDF, TM and SC LCDs have slight problems of back light leakage, but it will    
       not affect the normal use and can be ignored. The actual situation is a lot more slight than the captured pictures.    
● The display color of JDF, TM and SC differs from the OEM.
● Playing video for 72 hours, JDF, TM, SC have no obvious
   differences with the OEM.
  From a series of test we can see there are only a few differences between OEM and China made LCD. In terms of quality, JDF&TM are better
  than SC. For Price, JDF is more favorable than TM.
  Therefore, in the market condition that OEM LCDs are out of stock, JDF LCD is the most cost-effective choice for you.

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