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Make Every Day As Earth Day


April 22th, the World Earth Day. It’s a chance to organize some activities, plant some seeds or take some other small actions.

As we are in the industry of consumer electronics, REWA deeply get the significance of protecting the earth. We repair, we recycle, and we refurbish, also we have a duty to the society and environment. We believe we are doing something meaningful and speeding in the right way. That’s why we launched REWA Green Fund,  which seeks to support  the poverty  students and environment sustainability.

At the end of 2015, REWA Green Fund has contacted with an impoverished primary school in Datong, Shanxi, China to carry out a book donation activity which aimed to help those children who are trapped in the poverty. Batches of books and stationery were purchased and mailed to this school, and we got a fantastic response from the teachers and students. REWA will keep doing this for the children, and even more in the future.

REWA Green Fund team visit the World E-Waste Distributing Centre Gui Yu every year, and have donated a certain  amount of funds to  help those who are suffering from illness of heavy metal pollution caused by e-waste.

These are just some small things we can do, there are still a lot more things we need to do. REWA will keep doing these things together with our customers. Make every day as Earth Day.

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