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Flex Cable Is Too Flimsy? Connector Damaged?
When we connect the screen with motherboard directly, series of problems appeared: LCD flex is damaged;
motherboard is damaged by short circuit or connector is worn out after repeated operations. Test flex cable will
minimize the occurrence of the above problems and makes your repair and test process much more efficient.
    Connect screen and motherboard directly for       Test flex cable will extend the length of the LCD    
    testing, the limited length of the LCD flex makes       flex and reduce LCD flex damage in screen    
    it easy to be damaged by accident.       testing.    
    Connect screen and motherboard repeatedly,       Test flex cable will avoid possible damages to    
    the motherboard is easy to be burned out by       the motherboard or connector, and makes your    
    short circuit or connector is easy to be damaged.       repair and test process much more efficient.    
    Connect the motherboard and test flex.       Put the glass on the motherboard.    
    Paste a tape on the test flex.       Fix the test flex on glass.    
    Connect the screen and test flex.       Screen test.    
We have LCD, charging port, front camera & rear camera test flex cable for iPhone 4/5/6 series,
and LCD test flex cable for iPad series.

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