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Will The Compatibility of iPhone 5S and SE Benefit You?


After Apple released iPhone SE, we know it is very similar to iPhone 5S both in appearance and internal structure.
What surprise us most is that they have many compatible components, which will reduce repair shops maintenance
costs and supply chain pressure.
Install iPhone 5S LCD assembly with components
to iPhone SE directly, the LCD, digitizer, front
camera flex cable, ear speaker functions are work
well, the home button is compatible, but
touch ID is disabled.
● LCD Assembly
● Front Camera Flex Cable

● Home Button Flex Cable

● Buzzer

● Vibrating Motor

● Ear Speaker
  ● Different rear camera flex cable FPC connectors. ● Different charging port flex cable FPC connectors.  
● Different power switch volume flex cable FPC
   connectors, iPhone SE has NFC antenna but
   iPhone 5S does not have.
    ● Motherboard FPC connectors have similar layout, but not all of them are consistent.    
    ● Different battery FPC connectors and capacity, the     ● The Apple logo of iPhone SE back battery cover is    
       battery capacity of iPhone 5S is 1560mAh while        replaceable, but the logo of iPhone 5S is    
       iPhone SE is 1624mAh.        electroplated.    
It is clear to see the differences and similarities between iPhone 5S and iPhone SE based on the comparison,
the compatible components will bring big convenience to iPhone SE repair, especially iPhone 5S LCD assembly.

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