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Sony Bezel Is Easy To Come Off? Here Is The Solution


Most front bezels of Sony Z3, Z3 mini, Z4, Z5 and Z5 mini screens in the market are easy to come off,
this is because that many suppliers or distributers use copy Sony bezel adhesive to assemble bezel
which is more likely to cause the above problem.
    1. Paste the OEM bezel adhesive with protective       2. Cover a glass lens to transfer the heat    
       film to the bezel.          because of the gap between the adhesive    
               and platform.    
    3. Set heating platform temperature at 85       4. Put a heavy object on the bezel to make the    
       centigrade and put the bezel on it.          bezel and adhesive fit closely, heat about    
               3 minutes.    
    5. Tear off the protective film, and remember       6. Align the LCD assembly and bezel, the side    
       do not tear off the adhesive.          close to flex should be put in first to avoid    
               flex damage.    
    7. Put the screen on the platform, and then put       8. Take the screen from the platform after 3    
       a heavy object on it. For Z3 mini, put a          minutes heating and beware of the high    
       heavier object on the left.          temperature of it.    
Many suppliers or distributers prefer to use copy Sony bezel adhesive because the operation of OEM adhesive
is relatively troublesome. However, with the above method, you can easily apply the OEM adhesive to Sony
bezel assembling and minimize the occurrence of detached bezel.

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