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Ghost Touch on iPad? Why and How
Saying a problem of AAA grade iPad touch screen digitizers, it occurs quite often as follow,
touch function is ok Before assembly, but not ok as flicking screen or unstable touch After installation.
  Reasons >  
Because there is a layer of electronic circuit
exposed on the surface of AAA iPad touch
screen digitizer, and similarly there is a layer
of conductive adhesive tape stuck along four
sides of LCD display, therefore it will cause
problem of flicking screen or unstable touch
when installing the AAA digitizer touch screen
on the LCD display due to short circuit.
While OEM touch screen digitizer, there is a
piece of film covered on the surface thus it
will avoid the cause of the above problems.
  Tips >  
  Paste a tape on the four sides of the digitizer to protect the exposed electronic circuit from  
  touching the conductive adhesive directly.  
  Paste a layer of foam on the four sides of the LCD display to avoid direct contact between the  
  LCD display and digitizer touch screen.  

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