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A Cheaper Solution To Fix iPhone 6s 3D Touch Backlight
You can now transfer iPhone 6 backlight to 6S backlight, which saves you a lot
each piece, check it out today
● Test iPhone 6s screen, the LCD can not
   display properly but 3D touch
   functions well
Tear down the defective 6s backlight
● Melt the Tin spot on the LCD backlight flex
● Heat up the screen for about 10s, then take
   the backlight film down from the screen.
● Tear off the four layers on the surface of
   backlight , then take the LED light off.
● Keep the LED light and metal plate (3D
   touch screen module is on it).
Install 6s LED light to the metal plate
● Spread some B7000 adhesive on the top of
   metal plate.
● Align 6s LED light with the metal plate and
   stick into it.
Transfer 6 backlight to 6s
● Tear off the last layer of iPhone 6 backlight.
● Align iPhone 6 backlight with 6s metal plate
   from the two corners and stick into it.
● Tear off the iPhone 6 LED light.
● Stick the whole iPhone 6 backlight module
   to 6s metal plate.
Install converted 6s backlight
● Test the backlight with digital ampere meter
   to check if it can work properly.
● Tear off the protective film on the backlight.
● Align the backlight with LCD and stick into it.
● Joint the welding spot with Soldering Station
   and paste it with the anti-static tape.
Testing again
● Test the touch and 3D touch screen function,
   and also test the screen display effect on pure
   black, white and gray color.
  ● A heat insulation pad must be applied when using the soldering station to avoid the damage to the backlight.
  ● Use B7000 tape to stick the backlight firmly if necessary. B7000 should be carefully applied to the four corners of the backlight.
  ● The whole operation procedures should be performed in dust free clean room.

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