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New Flex Bonding Machine- Dual Lens, Dual Accuracy
● Can be applied to different type of flex cables.
● Dual modes for Auto and Manual.
● HD Dual Lens make flex cable alignment from
   up and down.
● Pulse-type Heat with high precision temperature
● Remote or on-site technique guidance available.
  Size 50*40*125CM Voltage 110V/220V Output Power 1500W  
  Net Weight 80.2KG Gross Weight 110KG Working Environment Dust-Free Room  
    STEP 1     STEP 2  
    Remove the defective flex cables on heating platform,     Align the LCD flex cable with LCD through  
    eliminate the ACF residue with ACF Cleaner, then     monitor.  
    stick new ACF Tapes on new flex cables.        
    STEP 3     STEP 4  
    After the alignment is done, press the Start     Similarly align the touch screen flex cable  
    Button to bond.     with LCD through monitor.  
    STEP 5     STEP 6  
    After that press the Start Button to bond.     Test the touch and display function with  
          DC Power Supply.  

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