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Causes for iPhone 6 LCD Damage after Installation
Some customers encountered a problem that the iPhone 6 LCD digitizer assembly is tested okay,
while after installation, it damaged. Why this happened? Let's check it out.
    1. LCD display and touch functions are       2. While after installation, there are vertical    
        tested OK before installation.           lines down the LCD, and no touch    
                  response, too.    
    1. Tear off the backlight module.       2. The left corner of LCD screen on the top    
                was damaged.    
    1. After checking, the rear camera was       2. Properly installed rear camera.    
        improperly installed, and the extra pressure               
        damaged the LCD screen.               
These problems are caused by too much pressure. Pressure could be from improper
installation of rear camera. Meanwhile, please be sure all the small parts are properly installed in
case of LCD damage.

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