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Tianma iPhone 6s Screen - All You Need To Know
        TM   OEM  
    WEIGHT   51g±0.05   49g±0.05  
    THICKNESS   2.92mm±0.02   2.50mm±0.02  
    HOME BUTTON SIZE   10.66mm±0.02   10.66mm±0.02  
    FLEX CABLE       IC MODULE    
    Different textures on flex cable.       IC module of OEM screen is totally covered,    
            while the TM is partly covered for its    
            reassembled IC.    
    At the sample test, 30% of TM screens can       Button hole alignment. There are no    
    not fit perfectly for its higher bezel, but it       differences between the OEM and TM    
    does not affect the normal use.       screen.    
    OEM screen has high hydrophobicity for its special materials on the surface, while TM screen has    
    relatively poor hydrophobicity.    
    White, pure gray and black screen were tested in this procedure.    
    Backlight Leakage : slight backlight leakage on grey and black screen.    
    Mura                         : mura on gray screen, but invisible in the genral use.    
    Color difference     : compared with the OEM, TM screen is colder and green toned.    
    3D TOUCH       TOUCH    
    3D touch performs well.       Touch functions well.    
Playing video for 72 hours, there are no differences
between TM and OEM screen.
Through analyzing, TM iPhone 6s LCD functions well, but still has some small differences like color, hydrophobicity
etc., which do not affect the normal use. It is relatively stable at present from the above performances.
Considering the competitive price of China Made screen, sample orders are recommended
to test if it can meet your needs.

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