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OCA Film: All you want to know2016-03-16
Cheaper or Poorer? An Overview of Chinese iPhone 6 Screens2016-03-10
iPhone 6s LCD Renovation2016-03-02
Apple Car: 'It's Going to Be Christmas Eve for a While'2016-02-27
Last Mile Protection: Safe, Clear, Clean2016-02-25
REWA 2015 Review2016-02-02
History Recorded, Future comes.2016-02-02
Tips For iPhone 6s/6s+ Screen Repalcement2016-01-28
Know the Freezing Points For Your Pricey Smartphones2016-01-26
Battery Test: How we test batteries?2016-01-20
Soft Reset vs Hard Reset: What is the difference?2016-01-15
Do you have enough stock during Chinese Spring Festival?2016-01-13
iPhone 6 Touch Screen Digitizer 2016-01-08
The Signs That Your Phone Needs A New Battery2016-01-07
iPad Touch Screen Digitizer Testing Procedures2016-01-06
Galaxy S7/edge will feature microSD, bigger batteries2016-01-05
2016, battery life is still the number one concern2015-12-29
REWA Customer Survey2015-12-24
New Sony battery reportedly gets 40% better life2015-12-19
Chinese iPhone 5/5c/5s LCD Digitizer2015-12-17
Apple has another smart idea for waterproofing iPhones2015-12-11
REWA Refurbish Service2015-12-09
How To Safely Clean Your Tablet Or Smartphone’s Touchscreen?2015-12-02
Sell us your broken screen with cash return2015-12-02
Apple Only Spends 3.5% of Revenue on R&D2015-12-01
iPhone Home button unresponsive? Try this fix to recalibrate2015-11-27
Did iOS 9 reduce your battery life? How to fix?2015-11-26
9H? 0.1MM? Tempered Glass Screen Protector Test2015-11-25
iPhone 7 might come with 3GB of RAM and waterproofing2015-11-21
iPhone 14.5 percent of market share = 94 percent of profits2015-11-19
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