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In order to help you find what you are looking for quickly and precisely when searching in our website, we have listed below the standard names given to cell phone parts according to search habits.

Stylus Sensor Film

For Example:Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Stylus Sensor Film

Also Called:Stylus Pen,Stylus Sensor Film replacement,Stylus Sensor Film repair parts,Stylus Sensor Film Repair Part

Ear Speaker Mesh

For Example:Apple iPhone 4S Ear Speaker Mesh

Also Called:Ear Speaker Mesh Cover,Speaker Mesh Cover,Ear Speaker Grill Mesh,Earpiece Speaker Grill,Earpiece Speaker Grill,Speaker Mesh Grill,Front Speaker Mesh Cover,Ear Piece Speaker Replacement Parts

SD Card Reader

For Example:Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 SD Card Reader

Also Called:SD Card Holder Reader,SD Card Slot Holder,Memory Card Reader/Slot

SIM Card Reader Flex PCB

For Example:Apple iPhone 4S SIM Card Reader Flex PCB

Also Called:SIM Card and SD Card PCB Board,PCB Board,SIM Card PCB Board,SIM Card PCB Board Replacement,SIM Card PCB Board Spare Parts

Headphone Jack

For Example:Apple iPhone 4S Headphone Jack

Also Called:Earphone Jack,Earphone Hole,Headphone Jack,Earphone Head Jack,Headphone Hole Replacement, Headset Jack,Ear Piece Jack

Charging Port Flex Cable

For Example:Apple iPhone 4S Charging Port Flex Cable

Also Called:Charging Port Flex Cable

Rear Camera

For Example:Apple iPhone 4 Rear Camera

Also Called:Camera,Back Camera,Rear Camera, Big Camera,Main Camera,Camera Spare Parts

Facing Camera

For Example:Apple iPhone 4S Facing Camera

Also Called:Camera,Front Camera,Face Camera,Small Camera,Front Facing Camera

Motherboard Flex Cable

For Example:Apple iPhone 4 Motherboard Flex Cable

Also Called:Motherboard Flex Cable Ribbon,Motherboard Ribbon,Motherboard Flex ,Motherboard Flex Ribbon,Motherboard Flex Spare Part,Flex Cable Spare Parts

Volume Control Flex Cable

For Example:Apple iPhone 4 Volume Control Flex Cable

Also Called:Volume Flex Cable

Sensor Flex Cable

For Example:Apple iPhone 4 Sensor Flex Cable

Also Called:Proximity Sensor Flex Cable

Trackpad Flex Cable

For Example:Blackberry 9800 Trackpad Flex Cable

Also Called:Trackpad,Trackpad Replacement,Home Button,Trackpad Replacement Repair Parts,Trackpad Spare Parts

Home Button Flex Cable

For Example:Apple iPhone 4S Home Button Flex Cable

Also Called:Home Button Flex Cable Ribbon,Home Button Flex,Home Button Ribbon,Home Button Flex Replacement,Home Button Ribbon Repair Parts, Home Button Flex Cable Ribbon Replacement Parts

Keyboard PCB

For Example:Blackberry 9360 Keyboard PCB

Also Called:Keyboard,PCB Board,Keyboard Flex Cable Ribbon,Keyboard Spare Part

Keypad Membrane

For Example:Blackberry 8520 Keypad Membrane

Also Called:Keypad Membrane

Mute Button

For Example:Apple iPhone 4S Mute Button

Also Called:Mute Button

Volume Button

For Example:Apple iPhone 4S Volume Button

Also Called:Volume Button

Power Switch Button

For Example:Apple iPhone 4 Power Switch Button

Also Called:Power on/off Button,Power Switch Button

Side Button

For Example:Apple iPhone 4 Side Button

Also Called:Side Key,Side Button, Side Button Set,Side Chain,Side Key Rises,Side Key Set repair parts,Side Key Set replacement parts,Side Button spare parts,Power/Mute/Volume Buttons


For Example:Blackberry 8520 Trackpad

Also Called:Trackpad

Top and Bottom Cover

For Example:Nokia N8 Top and Bottom Cover

Also Called:Lower Cover,Upper Cover,Top and Bottom Cover,U-Cover,Top Cover Replacement

LCD Display and Digitizer Assembly

For Example:Apple iPhone 4 LCD Display and Digitizer Assembly

Also Called:LCD+Digitizer,LCD Assembly,LCD and Digitizer Assembly,LCD & Digitizer Assembly, LCD Screen Assembly, LCD & Touch Screen

Middle Plate

For Example:Apple iPhone 4S Middle Plate

Also Called:Middle Bezel/Frame,Chrome Bezel,Middle Plate,Middle Board, Mid-plate,Middle Frame,Chrome Bezel Frame,Middle Plate Housing,Middle Chassis Housing,Middle Plate Replacement

Glass Lens

For Example:Apple iPhone 4 Glass Lens

Also Called:Glass Lens,Glass,Lens,Glass replacement part,replacement Glass Lens parts

Touchscreen Digitizer with Frame

For Example:Apple iPhone 4s Touchscreen Digitizer with Frame

Also Called:Touchscreen Digitizer with Frame

Ear Speaker

For Example:Apple iPhone 4G Ear Speaker

Also Called:Ear Speaker,Earpiece,Earphone Speaker,Front Speaker,Ear Piece Speaker,Replacement Ear Speaker,Front Speaker replacement,Speaker Repair parts,Speaker Replacement Repair Parts

LCD Display

For Example:Apple iPhone 3G LCD Display

Also Called:LCD Screen,LCD Panel,LCD,LCD Display,LCD Display Screen,LCDs

Touch Screen Digitizer

For Example:Blackberry 9800 Touch Screen Digitizer

Also Called:Touchscreen,Touch,Touch Panel,Digitizer Touch Panel,Glass Touch,Digitizer

LCD Display and Digitizer Assembly with Frame

For Example:iPhone 4S LCD Display and Digitizer Assembly with Fram

Also Called:LCD Display and Digitizer Assembly with Frame

Full Housing

For Example:Blackberry 8100 Full Housing

Also Called:Complete Housing,Housing Shell Kit,Cover,Housing Case,Housing Cover

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